Cookies ~ Pies ~ Shortbreads ~ Muffins ~ Specialty Desserts

We scaled back our Bakehouse offerings due to the Covid-19 crisis, and are now slowly expanding our bakery menu, with new items available each week. Stay tuned to social media for updates on new arrivals!

We have always specialized in homey desserts; they seem to go along with the whole image of a farmers’ market. While we now make gorgeous fancy cakes, mousses, tarts, cupcakes and the like, our mainstays are the quick breads, cookies, pies and muffins that we’ve baked since the beginning.

There’s something about a simple, old-fashioned dessert that is hard to resist—it’s as if, by indulging in an apple pie with streusel topping, we are stepping into a Norman Rockwell Americana paradigm that we find profoundly comforting in these unsettled times.

Not to mention, these humble treats are freaking delicious. We only ever use real Vermont butter, real sugar, real vanilla, and real fruit, Belgian chocolate and other premium ingredients, just like you would at home. Often, when you buy one of our cookies, it’s still warm from the oven because we bake them continuously throughout the day. Our muffins are made from scratch, which is rare these days as many stores turn to premade mixes from the big food service distributors. And our pies…well, let’s just say, Norman Rockwell would have painted them in a heartbeat. And then sat down with a fork to eat them on the spot.