Abracadabra Discovers a Newfound Sense of Community

Antoinette Hunt, co-owner of Abracadabra Coffee Co. in Woodstock, VT, with her newest little helper.

This is part of a series of posts sharing conversations with our local farmers and producers. Our suppliers are working harder than ever as they navigate their way through the Covid-19 crisis. Each of their stories is as unique as the products they offer. And more than ever, we are grateful for their hard work, resilience, and ingenuity.

Q-and-A with Abracadabra Coffee Co.

Abracadabra may be one of Woodstock’s best little surprises. This quiet, unassuming spot on the riverside in east Woodstock village produces some of the state’s best single-origin coffee. You can buy their beans to roast at home or their cold brew cans for coffee-on-the-go. Their coffee flies off the shelf at WFM, and for good reason. Here’s a little bit about this innovative local business and how they’re weathering the Covid-19 storm:

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about the history of your business?

A. Abracadabra was started by Clint and Antoinette Hunt in 2015 on a small tabletop roaster in their home. They grew the business by selling single-origin beans, pour overs, and cold brew coffee at local farmers’ markets. Sarah Yetter joined the business in 2016 and the business moved to Woodstock, VT where it has flourished into what it is today!

Q. What makes your product unique or special?

A. We buy coffee directly from small coffee farms around the world. A huge part of our business is focused on those relationships with producers. This way, farmers are paid a fair price for their coffee directly, and we ensure that we are getting the highest quality coffee possible! Once the coffee gets to us, we put extra emphasis on creating a fun, accessible, and delicious product! We work with several artists to create eye-catching packaging, and in our shop make sure we are always coming up with super exciting signature drinks.

Q. How would you describe your customer base?

A. Our customer base is diverse and amazing! We have a great group of supportive locals, and new customers from all over who find us online or in person.

Q. How has the Covid-19 crisis impacted your business?

A. After the initial shock and panic, we quickly put our resources into finding new ways to reach our customers. There has been so much support in our local community of Woodstock and beyond!

Q. What changes have you made to adapt to the current situation?

A. We put our resources into expanding our online business, offering promotions, and offering pickup options for locals. We have also just opened our shop back up with many improvements for the safety of our staff and customers.

Q. What is your experience as a business owner now compared to before the crisis?

A. We have realized how strong and supportive our community is. We have found so much solidarity just talking with our neighbors, sharing information, and staying connected.

Q. Has there been a “silver lining” in this crisis for you and/or your business?

A. We have really seen the benefits of thinking on our feet! We have a newfound sense of what we are capable of as a business and a community.

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