The Farmers’ Market is a very busy, crazy, year round market of fantastic food. We’re really hard to describe—we serve our local community great food that ranges from take-out prepared dinners and lunches to regular stuff like milk and eggs to fresh organic produce to fresh meats and everything in between. Our vision for the Market has always been to make great food accessible to everyone. We all love food and love to cook but we’re not snobby about it. In fact, we don’t consider ourselves “gourmet,” because it implies exclusivity, and we believe that anyone can create great food. Most of the time one just needs a little help… a recipe perhaps; the best, freshest ingredients you can find; or just an outgoing and friendly staffer to help out with an idea.

What sets us apart is that we take this job of “bringing the food to the people” very seriously. We’re concerned about the process: what we charge for our products, what ingredients we use in our food, how clean we are, who our vendors and farmers are, where our fruits, vegetables and ingredients come from and how we treat each other and our guests.

And what’s really cool about the Market is that we focus on hiring not only service-happy people, but food-happy people, too. We all have a simple passion for food that you can feel every time you step into the store.

Even more important these days though is actually knowing where your food comes from. . . and we make a point of making sure our guests know. From smart local buying to great signage, you know and trust that we are the preeminent farm to table grocer. We love supporting our local food chain and think it’s one of the most important things we can do for our community.

Now at 40 to 50 staffers, we are local food junkies who serve our community award winning food. Our Kitchen serves outstanding breakfast and lunch sandwiches from a specialty sandwich menu that has 25 amazing selections; we also serve rock’in hot lunch and dinner entrees, have a deli case stuffed with great and innovative cold salads, and have an extensive to-go catering menu. Our Bakery makes our own incredible breakfast selections like bagels, muffins and scones and cranks out tons of pies, tarts and pastry desserts along with our flagship cookies and brownies.

Our Cheeses, Deli Provisions and Coffee selections are second to none. We have a remarkable selection of international and local cheeses plus offer a huge olive selection and sliced deli meats and cheeses. And we serve fresh strong coffee and espresso all day.

We focus on local meats and poultry and the freshest seafood north of Boston in our seafood and meat department. And our produce department is second to none balancing western organics and the best conventional produce in the winter with a plethora of local produce from Vermont farms in the summer and fall. Our Garden Center features local annual and perennial plants in the spring and summer along with a ton of fall mums and pumpkins when the weather cools and a wide selection of Christmas greens and Vermont grown trees toward Thanksgiving.

Our grocery department keeps a wide array of specialty and everyday groceries stocked on our shelves and speeds guests through our check out with the latest technology and friendly service. We focus on local artisan food producers and weed through the maze of hundreds of products to offer you only the best stuff. And we have tons of local breads, milk, eggs and yogurts, as well as a great selection of amazing ice creams, gelatos and other frozen food items.