Elle’s Love Affair with Woodcock Farm Cheeses


Heading south on Vermont’s Route 100, just before you reach the village of Weston, you’ll spot a long drive on your left that cuts through an open meadow and disappears around a clump of trees. The road is marked by a small, unassuming sign for Woodcock Farm. You’d never guess this out-of-the-way family farm is home to some of Vermont’s most decadent cheeses.

Mark and Gari Fischer, who own and operate the 45-acre farm with their daughter Sam, have been making cheese for over 15 years. They make their hand-crafted, European-style cheeses in small batches using milk from their herd of East Friesian dairy sheep and local organic Jersey cows. They attribute the rich, buttery flavor of their cheeses to their sheep’s diet of lush, green grass.


Elle, our cheese leader at the Market, has fallen in love with Woodcock Farm cheeses. We asked her to share a few of her favorites, and here are her top three picks:

Jersey Girl: I love recommending Jersey Girl to customers. It’s a local tomme-style cheese which I find to be consistently high quality. It has a surprisingly buttery flavor, which I find to be a crowd-pleaser.

Summer Snow: Summer Snow is recently back for the season! It seems as though I’m cutting some every day because it’s so popular. Between the sheep’s milk, bloomy rind, and the silky interior, it’s a sweet yet tangy summer delight.

Timberdoodle: I sometimes joke that I’m currently having a love affair with Timberdoodle. Any time a customer asks for suggestions for their cheeseboard, I mention this local Taleggio-style cheese. With a sticky exterior, it has an initially funky aroma, but the soft interior tastes so velvety and buttery. I can’t get enough of it!

Woodcock Farm cheeses are 10% off through Sunday, May 30. Give them a try! We think it’ll be love at first bite!


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