A 30th Anniversary Message from Patrick

Dear Farmers’ friends and family,

Like everything else in life, 30 years flies by.  I love that everyone says: When you have kids, enjoy the ride because it flies by. That really should be a saying for pretty much everything that you immerse yourself in. 

The expansions, the fires, the floods, and the long days and weeks of working silly hours have been replaced by a sense of pride and “elevating and delegating” to excitable younger staff. I am grateful for the 800 people who have touched our lives (yeah, we’ve hired over 800 community members in 30 years)—all of whom were real live teachers and mentors. We have learned so much.   

Personally, I am also grateful for my super support group: my college and high school buddies, my wife and incredible son—both who are way smarter than me; my local friend crew who keep me grounded; my mom and dad who instilled values like “do the right thing, be gritty and work hard—and don’t complain”; and to my two incredible business partners who are the most loyal and driven people I know.

WFM is molded by the people we touch everyday (except Mondays!)—we are just a reflection of the incredible communities of Woodstock and Waterbury. And our recipe is pretty simple: we love to serve great food to great people. We love to put on a show. And we love to do things right.  

Everything happens as it does because the universe is as it is. Happy 30th to us. Three cheers for more!


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